Minor Injuries

Some of the following Minor Injuries can now be treated in the Surgery by the Doctor or Nurse
 1) Lacerations capable of closure by simple techniques (stripping, gluing, suturing).

2) Soft tissue injury which you would have otherwise gone to A+E to review.

3) Minor dislocations of fingers.

4) Foreign bodies.

5) Non-penetrating superficial foreign body in the eye.

6) Following recent injury of a severity not amenable to simple domestic first aid.

7) A minor head injury where there has been no loss of consciousness.

8) Recent eye injury.

9) Partial thickness thermal burns or scalds which are not extensive or not involving areas of the body that may cause concern.

10) Minor trauma to hands, limbs or feet, including sprains.

11) Whiplash giving cause for concern.

12)Bruising giving cause for concern.