About Us

The history of Chapel End Surgery

Dr. Chaudhuri joined Dr. Beecham, Dr. Sheridan and Dr. Gosain at Chapel End Surgery in 1981, with Dr. Ganapathi joining the team in 1983. The following years saw significant change with Dr. Gosain leaving to form what is now Chancery Lane Surgery, and Dr. Sheriden and Dr. Beecham retired.  

Dr. Ganapathi and Dr. Chaudhuri continued working at Chapel End Surgery but they decided to split the surgery which resulted in 2 single handed general practitioners operating from one site. This continued until 2014 when Dr. Motala joined Dr. Chaudhuri as a partner. Eventually Dr. Chaudhuri and Dr. Ganapathi both retired, paving the way for Dr. Patel to join the team in 2018. The 2 separate surgeries were formally merged to reinstate one surgery again.   

We now have around 4800 patients.

Dr. Motala and Dr. Patel currently work alongside Jacqui, the clinical associate, and a Practice Nurse Andrea Wakeford-Davy. The Practice is managed by Bilkis Hussain and is supported by our dedicated reception staff to ensure patient services are delivered and patient needs are met.